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SpeedMax Portable Flywheel

SpeedMax Portable Flywheel

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Unlock Explosive Power and Speed with Our Flywheel Trainer!

Flywheel Training will revolutionize your athletic performance, taking your speed, power, and explosiveness to the next level. If you're serious about enhancing your sprinting, jumping, and overall athletic prowess, you can't afford to miss out on this.

What is Flywheel Training?

Flywheel training uses the resistance of a flywheel instead of traditional weights. This approach allows for eccentric overload and variable resistance, providing a highly effective workout. Unlike conventional weight training, flywheel training leverages kinetic energy, offering constant resistance that challenges your muscles throughout the entire range of motion.

How Does Flywheel Training Work?

At the heart of flywheel training is a rotating disc, known as the inertial flywheel. Attached to a cord, this disc spins when you pull the cord, creating resistance during the concentric phase (the pull). As the cord unwinds, the flywheel continues to spin, pulling the cord back and requiring you to slow it down – the eccentric phase. This dual-phase action is what makes flywheel training incredibly effective, allowing for high-intensity workouts that build strength and power that is highly translatable to explosive athletic performance.

Why Choose Flywheel Training Over Traditional Weights?

  • Gravity-Free Resistance: Traditional weight training relies on gravity, limiting your movement to vertical exercises. Flywheel training, however, operates on kinetic energy, allowing for versatile, multi-directional workouts.
  • Eccentric Overload: Flywheel training emphasizes the eccentric phase, where muscles lengthen under tension, leading to greater strength gains, muscle hypertrophy, and enhanced power output.
  • Increased Performance: Research shows that flywheel training significantly improves muscle strength, speed, power, and size. Athletes experience better jump heights, faster sprint times, and superior change of direction capabilities.


Benefits of Flywheel Training for Explosive Athletes

  1. Enhanced Muscle Hypertrophy: Achieve greater muscle size and strength with the constant resistance and eccentric overload of flywheel training.
  2. Improved Power Output: Maximize your dynamic strength and power, crucial for explosive movements in sports.
  3. Superior Speed and Jump Performance: Flywheel training has been proven to enhance sprinting and jumping abilities, making you faster and more agile on the field or court.
  4. Injury Prevention: Strengthen neuromuscular control and improve landing techniques to reduce the risk of injuries, including ACL tears.
  5. Versatile and Adaptable: Whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, flywheel training can be tailored to meet your specific performance goals.

Our Flywheel Trainers are designed for both portability and stationary use, making them perfect for home gyms, professional training facilities, and everything in between. Don’t miss out on the revolutionary benefits of flywheel training. Elevate your performance, boost your strength, and unlock your full athletic potential.


Flywheel training is not just a workout – it's a game-changer.


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