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EccentriDisk Flywheel Trainer

EccentriDisk Flywheel Trainer

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EccentriDisk Flywheel Trainer

 Unleash the Power of Eccentric Overload Training: Superior Power, Explosive Strength, and Performance for Explosive Athletes.

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Unleash Your True Potential with Flywheel Training

Have you ever felt that, despite your rigorous training, there's a missing piece in the puzzle of athletic excellence? Enter: Flywheel Training - the game-changer that elite explosive athletes swear by.

Over the past two decades, flywheel training has emerged from skepticism to being revered. While traditional barbell training relies on gravity, flywheel trainers create eccentric muscle, tendon, and neurologic overload with momentum, creating a dynamic resistance that’s nothing short of revolutionary. Shocking your neuromuscular system into moving with ever faster and more explosive RFD (Rate of Force Development) and Maximum Motor Unit Recruitment.

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Here’s Why Flywheel Training Is the Edge You’ve Been Missing:

  1. Momentum Mastery: Unlike barbells that mainly depend on gravity, flywheels hinge on momentum. The faster you drive, the quicker the resistance. This means you're constantly challenging your neuromuscular system to recruit maximum muscle motor units ever more quickly, ensuring that every fiber in your muscle is engaged and working in an explosive manner.
  2. The Eccentric Advantage: It’s not just about pushing or lifting, but how you control the resistance when it comes back. With flywheels, the eccentric (or lowering) phase becomes your secret weapon. This is where muscle remodeling happens, leading to explosive gains in strength and speed. Did you know 🧐 that the eccentric phase of muscle contraction is the strongest part of muscular contraction? Also, the eccentric phase is the most important to the “stiffness” that preserves force production as athletes sprint, jump, change directions, and perform any and all explosive movements 💥
  3. Constant Tension, Constant Gains: Every move on the flywheel is a battle against consistent resistance. No breaks. No pauses. This ensures rapid muscle hypertrophy, helping you develop and showcase those gains faster than ever.
  4. Designed for the Elite, Built for All: Whether you’re a tall athlete, someone new to strength training, or a seasoned professional, flywheel training tailors itself to your needs. Plus, specific systems target key areas like the hip, groin, knees, and hamstrings, ensuring comprehensive conditioning.

Scientifically Proven, Athletically Endorsed

Recent comprehensive meta-analyses have bolstered the case for flywheel training. The results? Unparalleled improvements in strength, power, muscle mass, jumping performance, and speed.

Moreover, flywheel's eccentric emphasis promotes:

  • Unique neuromuscular patterns
  • Exceptional muscle architecture development
  • Fiber type recruitment focused on explosive types
  • Enhanced cell activity for muscle growth
  • Significant extracellular matrix remodeling, crucial for rehab, resilience (injury prevention), and explosive athletic movements (sprinting, jumping, and changing directions)

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In a Nutshell?

It’s about time, isn’t it? Time to step into the realm of elite performance, where science meets athleticism, and where every repetition is a step closer to your best (and most explosive) self.

The flywheel trainer isn't just another piece of equipment. It’s the key to unlocking the athlete within.

Whether you're aiming to shatter records or just sculpt a stronger version of yourself, one thing's certain: With a flywheel trainer in your arsenal, you're not just training. You're evolving.

Get your flywheel trainer now, and feel the difference in every rep, every leap, and every sprint. Don’t just be an athlete. Be a flywheel athlete. 🔥🚀



  • Large Non-Slip Foot Surface

  • Leveling Feet

  • Sturdy NonSllip Design

  • Adjustable Load Lengths

  • Variable Size Resistance Disks

  • Durable Braided Strap


flywheel pulley with strap flywheel discsflywheel trainerflywheel trainer with foot block

Accessories Included:

  • Hand Bar
  • Waist Belt
  • Shoulder Harness
  • Angle Adjuster
  • Foot Block for Foot / Leg Angle Eccentric Loading


** Product may not arrive the EXACTLY as imaged as it pertains to disk and platform color/s

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