Ankle Straps for FlyWheel Trainer, Resistance Bands & Weight Machines

Ankle Straps for FlyWheel Trainer, Resistance Bands & Weight Machines

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Ankle Straps

Unleash the full potential of your FlyWheel Trainer with the Ankle Strap Accessory

BONUS: Use Ankle Straps with your Resistance Bands and Stacked Weight Machine to isolate and strengthen your core, Training with Superior Ankle Straps!

Elevate Your Core & Lower Body Movements: Ankle straps are an essential for supplemental movements that complement your Core Explosive Work.

Whether it's cable pulley kickbacks, donkey kicks, hip thrusts, reverse squats, or knee ups - every movement becomes an opportunity to gain explosive power and resilience against injury.

This is your essential tool for glute, hamstring, quad, and core workouts.

Reliable & Robust: With our QUICK AND ADJUSTABLE HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE, forget about mid-workout adjustments. The rubber padding and soft ankle cuffs ensure unparalleled comfort while maintaining a firm grip.  Whether you're lifting 220 lbs on machines, using resistance bands, or working with the FlyWheel Trainer you'll always be in control.

Comfort: Experience the reassuring comfort of our soft, neoprene, shock-absorbent padding. The stitching? Flawless and robust. The D-ring? Heavy steel, built for rigorous training sessions without the distracting clinks.

One-Size-Fits-All: Our ankle straps are universal in spirit and function. Adjust with ease to fit ankles of all sizes (MIN 5.0in - MAX 10.0in). And here's the best part: They come in pairs! No more switching between ankles. Just strap them on, adjust to your preferred tightness, and dive into an elevated training experience.



Brand Name: None

Origin: Mainland China

Material: polyester

Model Number: VPG-RTA0311




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