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LuxBox Case • White Marble for iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS

LuxBox Case • White Marble for iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS

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LuxBox Case by theWTFactory for iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS

Modern | Minimal | Lux


You want to protect your iPhone but you don't want to put a hulking piece of plastic on it.


At the same time you don't want to put some case in it that's only going to prevent it from getting scratched and essentially just be a dust cover either. 
This is the dilemma you face while staring at row after row of iPhone cases at the Big Box retailers, your mobile phone store, & shopping online. 
At the same time, sometimes your not sure if the case will do what you need it to do - so you don't want to be stuck with it if it doesn't work for you. 
That's where LuxBox Case comes in. 
Forget about choosing between personal style and protecting your iPhone. 
With LuxBox Case we started with the essential element of basic protection. 
The rim of LuxBox Case extends beyond the front screen of the iPhone to protect the screen from accidental drops. 
You have 15 days from the time you receive your LuxBox Case to return it for a full refund AND if anything happens to your LuxBox Case for a full year we will replace it for FREE! 


LuxBox Case is the solution for the design minded SmartPhone user who desires a minimal modern case with a Luxury feel.  The LuxBox Case compliments the modern SmartPhone with extremely lightweight polished case covered with 100% Real Genuine Marble.  LuxBox has a strong but thin beveled rim that extends 1mm beyond the SmartPhone face to protect the face of your SmartPhone from minor accidents.  This is the ultimate alternative for those of you that don't want a utilitarian workman-like case for your sleek modern SmartPhone.  

  • Love the Way Your iPhone Feels in Your Hand with Wonderful Real Marble 
  • Enjoy a un-Bulking Your Pockets with a SlimLine Design to Your iPhone Case
  • Love the Beautiful Look of Your iPhone in a Minimal, Modern Contour of LuxBox Case
  • Rest Your Worries of destroying your iPhone with most accidental drops; the rim of LuxBox Case will protect your phone from most accidental drops


Product Specs         Packaging Spec

Weight - 1 oz             Weight - 4.5 oz

Width - 3.07 inch          Width - 4.5 inch

Length - 6.23 inch         Length - 7.7 inch

Height - 0.5 inch         Height - 1.0 inch












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