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AERZ - AirPods & Apple Earbuds Skins | GHOST (Clear)

AERZ - AirPods & Apple Earbuds Skins | GHOST (Clear)

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AERZ - AirPods & Apple Earbuds Skins | GHOST (Clear)


AERZ is a simple comfortable AirPod and Apple Earbud 2.0 solution that improves the sound quality and comfort of your Apple AirPods and Apple Earbud 2.0




  • Soft high quality silicone cover skins improve the comfort of Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds 2.0 allowing you to wear your AirPods or Earbuds for hours on end without discomfort
  • AERZ dramatically improves the audio quality of Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds 2.0 by air sealing AirPods and Earbuds to prevent the escape of sound waves; thereby dramatically improving audio quality 
  • Ultra-thin but Durable: AERZ Don't make your AirPods or earbuds too big for your ear canals.  It's the soft silicone surface that seals the audio quality in and makes your AirPods and Earbuds ultra comfortable
  • AirPods tap controls & automation still work perfectly with AERZ
*note: AirPods charging case may not consistently charge with AERZ still on your AirPods 
LOVE the feel and Audio Sound Quality of you AirPods and Apple Earbuds like Never Before


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